Steve and Debbie have been together since there teens and been living in Portugal for the last 8 years owning and running the Paintshop hostel and Bar, Which has become a surfer and biker mecca offering surf camps lessons and solo guided motorcycle tours. They have been dreaming about starting Intrepid Trails for the last few years and have finally managed to put that dream in to reality! Steve has spent the last 8 years riding and racing the trails with his late father Keith and many friends and can’t wait for the opportunity to share them with their clients!

Figueira da Foz offers such a diversity of trails that the Spanish bike tours can’t offer!! We are also open in August as the weather is still cool enough to ride, unlike the mountains in the south of Spain. We wanted to take the best bits from other motorcycle tours and make a new exciting venture that focuses on fun, driven by passion not by money.

Steve Hughes (aka Cubey)

I am an x-moto x and enduro racer. Bikes have taken me all around the world, including Africa and the Baja Strip. Love of Moto GP, WSB, Moto X, Super X and Enduro. Other loves include Superbock and having a crack whilst braaaaping!

Debbie Hughes (aka Ercovemonster)

Steve’s wife and she has had to endure his love of bikes and mad ways for over 26 years.  A biker herself, and Steve’s co-rider on most of his adventures, Debbie will be waiting for you with a cold beer after a hard day’s ride.

Andy Smith (aka Billy Bob)

Steve’s sidekick since they met in 2008 whilst travelling the Moto GP circuit.  A motorcycle nut himself, his favourite motto is “We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life!”

Stu Newsome (aka Sloth)

Stu (or half-man half-mattress) has been Steve’s old school friend for years! When Stu is awake, and not drinking or smoking, he is the main IT man and Preps the bikes. If required he will be on the trails with us as a back-up rider!!

Skyla Hughes (aka Babba)

The newest member of the crew and at just 2 yrs of age already has her own PW-50 motorcycle.But don’t let that worry you, she can stlll braaaaap with the best of them!


Our border collie dog is always on hand to steel your spanner or eat a nut & bolt whilst we’re working on the bikes.  But be warned, she is known to chase after you when leaving basecamp….watch your pants dudes!

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